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YouLend grows brand presence and gains prospects

About the Brand YouLend

YouLend partners with the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, tech companies, and PSPs to offer seamlessly embedded merchant financing.


“Using Quantcast’s data-led approach was initially to build awareness with the right audience. We used their ‘brand audiences’ tool, which meant we could communicate to the right demographic at the right time. During the course of the campaign we found that it actually started to drive conversions as well as build awareness, which in turn significantly improved our overall ROI. Using Quantcast has been key to getting out of the starting blocks quickly and positively.”

Benjamin S. Gardner
Commercial Director


YouLend, a Danish financial technology start-up, specializes in providing real-time financial data to SMBs for building a ‘live view’ of their customer, allowing them to adapt repayment plans depending on the financial health of a customer’s business. Having recently entered the European market, YouLend partnered with Quantcast to reach audiences at scale. The main goal for the YouLend team was to raise awareness of their brand amongst a highly relevant online audience in Denmark. An additional key objective was to ensure that a high viewability goal was reached, in order to maximise exposure and cost efficiency.


The YouLend opportunity was unique in that, with no other concurrent traffic acquisition tactics, they were able to observe how Quantcast’s ‘brand audiences’ solution was lifting brand awareness and fuelling performance.


YouLend was able to witness the transition of their new audience as it moved from awareness to consideration and even brand preference, as this audience then started to engage with the website. They reached one million prospects with a 72% viewability goal delivery.

  • 1M

    Prospects reached

  • 72%

    Viewability goal delivered

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