Advertise Customer Success Story Quantcast drives 24% brand preference uplift for Westpac

Westpac achieves 24% brand preference lift with Quantcast Custom Brand Audiences.

  • 24.4%
    ROAS vs goal for Direct Response Media

The Results

By leveraging Quantcast’s Custom Brand Audiences, Westpac reached both existing and potential customers with messaging on their ethical business practices, to drive positive brand association. This was validated by a Nielsen Digital Brand Effect Study showing that Quantcast successfully grew brand preference for the Westpac brand by 24.4%.
“At a trying time for the financial sector, we were thrilled with the results that Quantcast delivered for Westpac. Quantcast’s brand solutions have been instrumental in helping us grow brand preference with Australian business owners aged 18-49. The results show that programmatic can really play a role within brand campaigns.”
Carly Boyle
Director of Media Planning
Westpac Group

The Challenge

Westpac, one of Australia’s largest banking and financial services providers, was looking to increase brand preference among Australians during a particularly turbulent time with the Banking Royal Commission. This presented Westpac with a broader challenge of not only increasing brand preference against competition, but also within an industry under scrutiny for its practices. They sought to improve trust and consideration among customers and non-customers with “Stay Protected” creative messaging.

The Solution

Using a combination of Quantcast’s Search Powered Audiences and Demographic Audiences, Quantcast identified the predictive behavioural patterns and search intent signals of business owners to reach similar users before they are in-market. This was overlaid with Demographic Audiences, targeting age 18-49, ensuring they not only reached potential consumers of Westpac’s suite of products for business banking, but also their core demographics.

To drive optimal Brand Preference Lift, Westpac leveraged Quantcast’s unique Frequency Management solution. Frequency Management acts as a critical AI data point, allowing for tailored ad cadence uniquely delivered to each customer. By setting a target frequency at the start of the campaign and reassessing the optimal frequency a week in, Westpac was able to deliver their trust and safety message to customers when they were most receptive, driving maximum brand impact. This was validated through Nielsen Digital Brand Effect brand lift measurement.

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