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The Stable helps clothing retailer convert new faithful followers

About the Brand Faith-Based Clothing Retailer

The online store sells Christian-themed clothing and accessories.

About the Agency The Stable

The Stable is a commerce agency that incubates and grows the direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that people love.

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“From a demographic perspective, [this] is a fantastic tool for us to have, because we know exactly who’s indexing against the site, from a list of millions and millions and millions of unique IDs.”

Lindsay Romanelli
Director of Digital Media
The Stable


An online Christian clothing store wanted to expand their reach beyond their faithful followers who already subscribed to their list or connected with their Facebook ads. They hoped to learn more about audiences receptive to their faith-based product line, so they could broaden their programmatic campaigns in various channels and convert new customers. They set a return on ad spend (ROAS) goal of 220%.


Their agency, The Stable, turned to Quantcast to gain actionable audience insights and boost customer acquisition. The Stable wanted to identify which characteristics were most representative of people who were already visiting the online retail store’s site. Using pixel-based audience modeling, The Stable was able to focus on demographics, geolocation, and browsing interests. They discovered that the website’s representative visitor profile is a primarily female audience, located in the southern Bible Belt region, with an interest in parenting and household-based topics. Additionally, they identified unique activities, such as cooking, baking, and sports–especially running and cycling–that interested their audience, which they then in turn implemented in the prospecting and retargeting campaign.


The Stable reaped the benefits of their prospecting and retargeting strategies very quickly. Within a week, they had met their client’s return on ad spend (ROAS) goal of 220%–and by the end of the campaign, they greatly exceeded it with a 545% ROAS. Quantcast’s audience insights tool effectively helped the online store reach new audiences and drive conversions at a lower cost per thousand (CPM) than with a previous vendor.


  • +545%

    return on ad spend

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