Advertise Customer Success Story TFE Hotels leveraged Quantcast’s audience insights to empower their marketing strategy and deliver outstanding results.


TFE Hotels is an international hotel group operating in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark and Hungary.

  • 70+
    Audience subsets were created
  • 271% – 368%
    Range on the return on ad spend

TFE Hotels achieved an average 319% ROAS using Quantcast Performance Targeting.

“Quantcast have added real value to TFE Hotels by helping us build brand awareness across all of our brands, and have helped capture new audiences for us through their unique audience profiling. Running always-on digital activity alongside our tactical campaigns has provided an outstanding return on our advertising spend.”
Emily Hoare
Manager of Strategic Partnerships & Brand Activations
TFE Hotels

The Challenge

TFE Hotels is the only global hotel group to be headquartered in Sydney, with an established portfolio of brands including Adina, Vibe, Travelodge, Rendezvous and TFE Hotels Collection. TFE Hotels were looking to understand the nuances between their different hotel audiences with the dual aim of targeting more effectively while improving return on ad spend (ROAS).

The Solution

Quantcast worked with TFE Hotels to build out a sophisticated tagging infrastructure to segment their audience at an incredibly granular level. This allowed the hotel group to understand the nuances between each brand’s audience and identify high value customers for growth opportunities. Using this data, they were able to shift from tactical activity to an always-on approach that supports all brands in market with targeted, relevant and consistent messaging.

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