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Tesco checks out Quantcast cookieless solutions and gains a 63% increase in conversions

About the Brand Tesco

Tesco is a British multinational supermarket giant and a market leader in groceries in the UK.

About the Agency MediaCom

MediaCom is a global media agency that helps people, brands, and businesses unleash their growth potential through media.

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“The Quantcast Platform allowed us to expand our reach across Apple devices with amazing results. With a 160% increase in delivery to iOS alone, cookieless prospecting helped us find previously inaccessible audiences to drive incremental growth for our brand.”

Shivam Patel
Senior Associate Director, Programmatic


Tesco, a leading supermarket in the UK, sought to expand the customer base for their online grocery delivery service. Faced with a diminishing pool of potential customers, Tesco recognized the huge incremental opportunity available if they could reach consumers who are no longer accessible via third-party cookies. They looked for a partner who could increase their reach in cookieless environments to drive new customer sign-ups, as well as justify investment by measuring the current missed opportunity where cookies aren’t available.


With just one click in the Quantcast Platform, Tesco expanded reach to previously unaddressable consumers. To maximize performance in these cookieless environments, Tesco leveraged Ara™, Quantcast’s AI and machine learning engine, to gain access to sophisticated natural language processing and deep learning, unlocking higher fidelity contextual signals better aligned with their customer profile. For comparative analysis, Tesco’s agency MediaCom ran an A/B test, using Quantcast’s Cookieless Breakdown Report to provide insight into campaign delivery metrics such as spend, impressions, uniques, clicks, and conversions in environments with and without third-party cookies.


By tapping into Quantcast’s cookieless prospecting solutions, Tesco saw a 63% increase in grocery delivery sign-ups, highlighting the performance opportunity in cookieless environments today. This performance was largely driven by previously unaddressable Apple users, seeing an 80% increase to all Apple devices. Armed with the knowledge that cookieless provides incremental audiences, Tesco has made integrated cookieless activation standard for all future media campaigns.


  • 63%

    increase in conversions with cookieless prospecting

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