Advertise Customer Success Story TATCHA grows customer base during annual friends and family event

  • 1.5X
    ROAS goal
  • 25%
    of new shopper revenue from event was influenced by Quantcast
  • 4.8X
    more likely to convert when prospected by Quantcast
“With increased site traffic during our annual friends and family event, Quantcast scaled efficiently while growing our revenue and used real-time user behavior data to provide relevant targeting.”
Ryder Meehan
Director of Digital Marketing

The Challenge

Inspired by beauty secrets learned from a geisha, TATCHA takes classic Japanese beauty rituals and remasters them for everyone to use. TATCHA was looking for a solution that could help drive awareness of their unique products and generate more high-value conversions, but found that traditional channels like search, social media and retargeting didn’t reach incremental customers as well as they wanted.

The Solution

During TATCHA’s annual friends and family event, Quantcast leveraged the behavior patterns of TATCHA’s highest-value customers and stack ranked the entire Internet population to identify skincare shoppers that were most likely to convert.

  • Finding New Shoppers: Quantcast helped TATCHA grow their core audience, significantly impacting conversion volume.
  • Quantcast Audience Insights: Quantcast identified an audience that TATCHA wasn’t originally targeting: a large portion of TATCHA’s converting customers were older women.

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