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Symprove unlocks new customer growth with Quantcast’s cookieless solution

About the Brand Symprove

Symprove Ltd was founded in the belief that maintaining a healthy gut bacteria balance can help you live a fuller life.

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“The Quantcast Platform’s cookieless activation and measurement capabilities have been a game-changer, allowing us to explore new and existing audiences in cookieless environments, as well as measure the effectiveness of these campaigns. As a digitally-driven company, we are always looking to power our programmatic campaigns with greater scale and efficiency. In Quantcast, we have found a partner that enables us to do so, with ease.”

Sharareh Abbassi
Marketing Consultant Barding LTD


With a mission to improve the gut health of people everywhere, Symprove offers a probiotic supplement that is only available for purchase online. Given its digitally-driven business model, the brand is always looking to broaden the reach of its programmatic campaigns, to boost its new customer acquisition.


Symprove has now been a Quantcast customer for more than a year, having chosen the Quantcast Platform as their programmatic solution of choice over DV360 due to superior performance and ease-of-use.

When Quantcast launched cookieless activation and measurement, Symprove was eager to experiment with the new capabilities in hopes of expanding its reach to in-market audiences. Safari and Firefox, which make up 37% of browser share in the UK, have already deprecated the third-party cookie. Prospecting in these previously inaccessible environments therefore offered tantalizing potential.


To the delight of Symprove, Quantcast’s cookieless solution drove a new wave of conversions. Cookieless prospecting helped achieve more than double the conversions, demonstrating the benefits of tapping into cookieless environments today.

Moreover, Quantcast’s cookieless solution is remarkably easy to deploy. It also delivers an impressive array of performance metrics that are easily shared via cookieless reporting, enabling the Symprove marketing team to harness the potential of exploring cookieless environments and integrate it as part of their always-on strategy.


  • 58% increase in conversions with cookieless prospecting
  • 78% more efficient CPM in cookieless environments vs cookie-based

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