Global streaming service unlocks new audiences and watches subscriptions skyrocket

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About the Brand Streaming Service

This global entertainment cloud subscription service provides on-demand streaming and downloading with a $2 billion market cap. 

About the Agency Allied Global Marketing

Allied Global Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that works with the world’s largest entertainment, consumer, and lifestyle brands.

“Quantcast’s ability to create custom audience models using live data from Quantcast Measure helped us scale outside the walled gardens and discover new audience segments to further growth. Their rich audience insights and powerful targeting informed our media approach outside of open web display and video.”
Allied Global Marketing


Allied Global Marketing’s client, a global, publicly-traded entertainment company with a $2 billion market cap, sought to accelerate subscriber growth outside the walled gardens. Their marketing objective was to maximize global free trial volume at an efficient cost per acquisition and understand the unique attributes of their audience.


Allied Global Marketing partnered with Quantcast to unlock new audience growth opportunities. Quantcast’s real-time audience data was used to curate custom reach models for four audiences: Cord Cutters, Early Retirees, Competitive Conquesting (against other competitive streaming platforms), and TV Genre Fans. Quantcast insights uncovered the psychographics and media consumption patterns of their desired audience, which ultimately influenced the media planning approach for other paid channels.


The streaming entertainment company achieved 75K+ total free trial subscriptions. New prospects reached by Quantcast media converted, on average, at a rate 3.9x more than the platform site average.


  • 75K+

    Total free trial subscriptions

  • 3.9x

    More new prospects converted

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