StarHub leverages first-party data to connect with their telecom audience

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About the Brand StarHub

StarHub is a leading Singaporean telecommunications company that delivers world-class communications, entertainment, and digital solutions.

about the agency Carat

Carat, a dentsu company, is the world’s first media agency. It pioneers and delivers brand, media, and digital communications solutions to some of the most storied and innovative brands in the world.

“Carat has a strong partnership with Quantcast and continues to leverage its technology to deliver effective performance strategies across StarHub’s digital campaigns. This includes leveraging the audience and campaign insights that are unique to the Quantcast Platform.

The strong collaboration between both teams has led to significant growth in ramping up acquisitions, which in turn has contributed to positive growth for the StarHub business.”


“Our goal was to reduce the cost of acquiring new customers and Quantcast has by far been one of the best performing platforms in driving conversions across the B2C and B2B sectors for StarHub. Quantcast have constantly delivered against our campaign goals, with the cost per acquisition (CPA) delivering 2x more effective results when compared to other ad tech providers.

Working with Carat and Quantcast changed the way we approach digital advertising in our business, helping us to become more efficient with our strategies and drive actual results that matter.”



To keep up with intense competition, StarHub was challenged to find net-new customers across its various product lines–mobile, home, and business solutions–while also driving better media efficiencies and effectiveness. With each product having its own nuances in audience, set KPIs, and business goals, StarHub needed to approach its marketing and advertising strategies in a holistic way, yet treat each product as its own business. StarHub needed a partner who could deliver measurable business outcomes at scale but also granularity and accuracy with it came to audience insights; they needed a partner with internet-scale first-party data and AI capabilities to access unique audience insights, both to plan and activate campaigns–and that’s where Quantcast came in.


StarHub’s media agency, Carat, worked with Quantcast to tag StarHub’s entire website and products with Quantcast pixels, which allowed all stakeholders to better understand behaviors of the different audiences who were visiting and converting on the website. To increase advertising efficiency and drive net-new customers, Quantcast used StarHub’s DMP to inform the suppression of ad exposure to existing customers, and instead only reached out to users who had not been to the website for the past 30 days. Underpinning this first-party data-driven approach to reaching new customers, Quantcast utilized a combination of awareness (video and rich media formats) and performance solutions to engage with StarHub’s highly-focused audiences.


StarHub accomplished its dual objectives of brand awareness and online conversions at a greatly reduced cost per acquisition (CPA). Within 6 months, they achieved 81% lower CPA across all ‘enterprise business group’ solutions, 57% lower CPA across all ‘entertainment’ and ‘smart life’ solutions, and 38% lower CPA across all mobile solutions. In addition, they gained 21% more net-new customers on average across all lines of business.


  • 81%

    Lower CPA across all ‘enterprise business group’ solutions

  • 21%

    net-new customers on average across all lines of business

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