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Square Enix Drives Sign-Ups to the Final Fantasy XIV Website

About the Brand Square Enix

Square Enix is a Japanese video game holding company and entertainment conglomerate.

About the Agency Target Media

Target Media, part of the Havas Group, uses a consultative approach to plan, buy, and place advertising strategies across all media channels.

Miles Bennet

“For someone with little experience buying programmatic media, Quantcast makes it easier than ever. I found it easy to navigate and understand the platform. The client loves the insights available, and it really separates itself against the other platforms.”

Miles Bennet
Target Media


Target Media, a strategic media buying and planning agency, wanted to drive sign-ups in the UK for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). They had previously been running an Always on Capacity Exchange (AOCE) with Facebook and wanted to test the Quantcast Platform to see how it compared in terms of performance. Based on performance from existing paid social strategies, the CPA goal to beat was £11.12.


Target Media leveraged the power of the Quantcast Platform powered by Ara®, our AI and machine learning engine, which operates on live data to learn real-time audience behavior patterns to optimize towards the best outcome for every single ad. The campaign launched with two sets of creative (HTML5) to auto-optimize messaging to audiences with the ease of AI.


Quantcast outperformed paid social in driving sign-ups to the Final Fantasy XIV website. The cost per acquisition (CPA) was 25% lower, compared to their goal, and 23% lower than paid social performance.


  • 25%

    Lower CPA compared to goal

  • 23%

    Lower CPA vs. paid social performance

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