Advertise Customer Success Story Sophos brand awareness increases by 77%

  • 77%
    Uplift in brand and product awareness
  • 3X
    Engagement rate
“Quantcast’s targeting solutions were instrumental in helping us reach our target audience. We saw a jump in brand awareness that led to improvements in our lead generation performance. The results showcase the impact that brand advertising can make, as well as Quantcast’s targeting capabilities.”
Peter McKellar
Vice President, Corporate Marketing

The Challenge

Sophos was created with the idea that network security should be simple. However, it found that generating awareness of its impressive product suite among niche security buyers was not always so easy. While historically relying on-demand generation campaigns, Sophos realized that a supplemental digital awareness campaign would help it stand out in the competitive technology marketplace. Sophos decided to engage with Quantcast and other digital advertising providers to test the impact of running a brand awareness campaign across various digital properties.

The Solution

Quantcast leveraged its unmatched online visibility and predictive modeling to help Sophos reach qualified prospects in its four key markets: San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and London.

  • Custom Audience Targeting:Quantcast built a model to identify and target more people like Sophos’ site visitors—those most interested in business security solutions. Quantcast’s precise targeting delivered Sophos’ niche target audience better than the other partners tested, as confirmed by higher awareness levels prior to ad exposure.
  • Brand Lift Optimization: Quantcast automatically tailored ad delivery uniquely to each customer—reaching customers when they were most receptive helped to drive maximum brand impact.
  • Campaign Insights: Quantcast provided insights into campaign performance drivers—including creative, media, and ad frequency insights—to inform Sophos’ future campaign planning.

The Results

Not only did Sophos see a huge increase in brand awareness, but it also saw an improvement in lead generation and a jump in site traffic. Of the nine different advertising partners tested, Quantcast drove the highest increase in awareness and the majority of information session registrations (leads) and overview downloads:

  • 77% brand lift (the highest of any partner tested)
  • 3X increase in key site page visits
  • 15% increase in CTR in lead generation campaign

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