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Secret Cinema reveals the right audience for immersive experiences to drive ticket sales

About the Brand Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema specializes in immersive cinema experiences.

About the Agency MFUSE

MFUSE is a brand performance agency with experienced specialists in creative, media, strategy, data, and production, based by GroupM.

Matthew Valentine Feat

“The time required to set up a campaign and optimize is very minimal. We are able to focus more on providing insights for our clients.”

Matthew Valentine
Digital Account Manager


Secret Cinema sells tickets for interactive experiences at a secret venue. They wanted to drive ticket sales for a Stranger Things event. To drive marketing innovation, their agency MFUSE wanted Quantcast to help them gain audience insights.


Through Quantcast’s demographic insights, MFUSE determined that the £70k HHI audience was the best performing one. They activated an ad set to reach that segment.


Secret Cinema’s performance improved by 20%, which was 46% better than their goal. Over the 31-day campaign duration, MFUSE only needed to spend 52 minutes in the Quantcast Platform, gaining time to understand Secret Cinema’s audience better.


  • 46%

    better than performance goal

  • 52 minutes

    spent in the platform

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