Advertise Success Story The Quantcast Platform Quantcast’s Rich Media helps drive awareness of legacy Canadian brand, Reitmans’ technical athleisure wear

Quantcast + Reitmans Reitmans enlists Quantcast’s rich media programmatic solution to drive awareness of their technical athleisure wear

The Challenge

Reitmans is a Canadian legacy in retail fashion with their three premium brands: Reitmans, Penningtons, and RW&CO. Among their key demographics are those interested in athleisure and activewear. With many retailers adjusting to the new shopping habits of their customers due to COVID-19, and more and more people looking for athleisure and activewear, Reitmans wanted to drive awareness amongst their target demographic with low frequency but maximum reach. In addition, Reitmans wanted to highlight and launch their more technical sports gear and were looking for a solution that would highlight the different product styles.

The Solution

Reitmans worked with AOR, Adviso and Quantcast to execute their creative work in an impactful way. Quantcast leveraged their lightbox solution as an engaging way to reach their target demographic. This solution allowed customers to interact through the advertisement without having to click through to the website. With a vast majority of programmatic media running with standard, non-expandable IAB sizes, Quantcast was the optimal partner to help drive this solution.


37% Engaged CTR – Benchmark 5% (7x higher)

17s Dwell time – Benchmark 9s (250% higher than goal)


01 Objectives

Drive awareness amongst their target demographic with low frequency but maximum reach

02 Results

Engagement Rate 139% to goal
Engaged CTR 37% – 7x higher than goal
Interaction Rate 7.6% (benchmark goal 3%)
Dwell time of 17s (benchmark 9s)

All above set benchmarks

“Having the ability to showcase all the potential of Hyba clothing in a rich format banner was a great opportunity for Reitmans. We found in Quantcast the right partner to execute and deliver outstanding results.”
Sebastian Yaher
E-commerce and Digital Strategy Director

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