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Palmerbet races to the top in the online betting marketplace

About the Brand Palmerbet

Palmerbet is an Australian-owned online betting operator that offers a range of markets, including racing, American sports, Aussie rules, rugby league, soccer, tennis, and more.

“Having tried numerous other platforms with limited success, we have been extremely happy with the Quantcast Platform – it’s easy to use and performs extremely well. Ultimately, we measure the success of digital platforms on their ability to help us meet our objectives. Quantcast has exceeded expectations and has ultimately been a major factor in helping us overachieve key acquisition and brand awareness objectives.”
Stuart Fagan
Marketing Manager


As a challenger brand in the online betting marketplace, Palmerbet needed to increase brand awareness in an extremely competitive industry and drive new registrations and bookings to grow their business. Having used several programmatic platforms for their display campaigns and seeing poor results, Palmerbet wanted a partner that could deliver new customers whilst supporting their wider digital marketing brand activity.


Palmerbet sought a programmatic platform that allowed them to plan, activate, and measure in an easy-to-use tool. The Quantcast Platform was the perfect fit. The platform helped Palmerbet to understand their audience and reach more like them across the open internet. Using Quantcast’s full funnel solution, Palmerbet were able to reduce their cost per acquisition and deliver incremental audiences outside of walled gardens. Quantcast real-time insights also identified high-value customers outside of their traditional audience. Palmerbet were able to achieve a 31% increase in registrations from audiences they hadn’t previously been able to reach, informed by Quantcast’s proprietary machine learning engine. And, conveniently, all of this came together in a matter of minutes. From pulling audience insights to building the campaign and setting it live, Palmerbet were able to plan, activate, and measure their campaigns in under an hour, creating efficiencies for the entire team.


In just one week, with only 55 minutes spent in the platform, Palmerbet were able to efficiently build desired audiences, set campaigns live, rename creatives, check performance daily (5 minutes a day), post campaign analysis, and export campaign reports. The Quantcast Platform solved their display marketing needs, enabling Palmerbet to meet their key acquisition and brand awareness objectives.

The Quantcast Platform delivered 31% increase in new customer registrations (year-over-year), 800% return on ad spend (ROAS) based on lifetime value of new registrations driven through Quantcast, 44% improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA), and a 16% increase in brand consideration for Palmerbet.


  • 31% increase in new customer registrations
  • 800% ROAS

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