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Nutmeg invests with Quantcast to grow and scale its business

About the Brand Nutmeg

Nutmeg is an online investment management service.

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“With no history or experience in display advertising, we were looking for a reliable partner that could help us scale and grow our business. Quantcast had all the characteristics we were looking for: quality first-party data, valuable insights, and good account management. The collaboration with Quantcast proved critical to our success.”

James Agbodo
Digital Marketing Manager


Nutmeg is an online investment management service that aims to democratize wealth management of people’s finances by making it accessible to anyone. Traditionally, the industry relies on building face-to-face relationships, but it is shifting towards online services with the benefit of lower costs whilst keeping the same level of transparency. The company decided to expand its digital strategy and increase its customer base by finding the right people who are willing to adopt online investing, but also believe in the brand.


Nutmeg found the right display programmatic partner in Quantcast for driving scale and delivering valuable insights on audiences for every product line. Quantcast created several custom models based on each of Nutmeg’s product pages. Then, using look-alike modelling, Quantcast identified and reached new potential customers interested in using an online wealth management service.


Quantcast’s video solution reached the segment of their ideal audience that is located outside of the London area, and it was 3x more efficient than other partners. 30% of total new leads were attributed to Quantcast. In addition, the CPA was less than 50% of the target. The results proved the efficiency of brand campaigns and influenced Nutmeg to shift the approach of their digital strategies.


  • 30%

    More new leads

  • 50%

    Lower CPA than goal

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