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Murphy Door opens the door to new growth opportunities

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About the Brand Murphy Door

Murphy Door is a hidden door retailer that solves storage, space, and organizational problems with functional cabinet systems.

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“More and more home buyers are looking for convenient ways to balance work and home life within the same space. We’re excited to see more and more growth areas for our business as we help our customers adapt.”

Jeremy G. Barker
Murphy Door


In early 2020, families around the world suddenly found themselves confined to their homes, and balancing the needs of remote working and homeschooling with meal times, recreation, and exercise in a common space caused stress and anxiety for many. Murphy Door, manufacturers of quality custom-made hidden doors for people wanting to create private hideaways in their own homes, recognized an opportunity for growth. They sought to increase brand recognition and reach new prospective customers, who might be looking for a way to separate their home and work lives within the same space.


Partnering with Quantcast, Murphy Door was able to prospect new customers based on pixel site data and retarget users who had been to their website. With these audience insights, they were able to discover more growth areas for their business by connecting with customers who are considering remodeling or looking for solutions to create different spaces in their home. Murphy Door’s customers have used their products not only to create quiet retreats from the kids, but also to build extra pantry storage space, hidden closets, reading rooms, home offices, secret hot tubs, craft rooms, and tucked-away kids’ playrooms. The company was able to identify a growth opportunity by partnering with home builders to offer Murphy Door as a standard or optional add-on for their new builds.


Quantcast has been working with Murphy Door since 2017, helping the business steadily grow its customer base with a focus on the US market. Recently, Murphy Door’s campaigns that they have been running with Quantcast have achieved an astonishing 5000% return on ad spend (ROAS). The company has seen sales skyrocket during the pandemic.


  • 5000%

    return on ad spend (ROAS)

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