Advertise Customer Success Story MSC Cruises set sail with Quantcast to increase online sales.

MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately owned cruise company. Operating in a highly competitive and challenging industry, it has a strong presence in Europe, South America and South Africa, where it is currently market leader.

  • 148%
    ROAS vs Goal
  • +167%
    Increase in Paid & Organic Search traffic
  • -87%
    CPA optimisation

The insights provided by Quantcast are critical for MSC Cruises.

“The collaboration with Quantcast has been excellent since the beginning. Thanks to Quantcast’s ability to reach new potential clients at scale, MSC Cruises has been able to increase direct online sales in three critical markets.”
David Arcifa
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
MSC Cruises

The Challenge

The growing demand in the cruise industry and the shift in consumers’ purchasing behavior towards digital interactions bring MSC Cruises to move towards a different way to engage and acquire new clients – a combined strategy between offline and online channels.

To overcome the current challenges, the company is continuously looking for innovative advertising media partners that can help it increase its customer base and also provide it with valuable insights of its audiences across multiple markets.

MSC Cruises’ marketing team had a specific need to increase at scale their direct online sales, through eCommerce and Contact Center, in France, UK and Italy.

The Solution

MSC Cruises saw in Quantcast the ideal partner to develop its online display strategy and to boost the online sales across those markets.

First, Quantcast identified MSC Cruises’ audiences by analyzing the behaviors of those customers who already bought a cruise. Thanks to its unique, proprietary, first-party data set and its AI-powered platform, Quantcast was able to target users across the web who were showing similar behaviors to the identified audience.

Quantcast used its full-funnel solution to reach new potential customers, who were in-market for booking their next cruise ship holiday, and to engage with them effectively. If the prospects didn’t convert at the first site visit, Quantcast addressed them again through a well-balanced retargeting and influenced them towards the purchase.

The Results

Quantcast proved to be a valid partner for MSC Cruises, helping it to succeed in the everyday challenge of acquiring new customers. Quantcast, through its display activities, was able to drive a ROAS of 148% higher than the set goal.

Also, the insights provided by Quantcast are critical for MSC Cruises to better understand its customers’ problems and behaviors, and to uncover opportunities to reach new potential audiences that MSC Cruises had never considered before. The use of Quantcast insights is not limited to the optimization of digital strategy, it also helps to inform other marketing activities across the company.

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