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mozzeno breaks the walled garden shackles with Quantcast

About the Brand mozzeno

mozzeno is a Belgian platform allowing investors to indirectly invest in the funding of consumer loans.

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“Display is a challenging channel, and Quantcast is hands-down the best-performing platform we have used.”


“The team was dedicated to building a long-term relationship based on a foundation of trust. They weren’t just after more budget, but truly sought to build a winning campaign strategy step-by-step, with full transparency.”

Xavier Laoureux


As a digital collaborative financing platform, mozzeno, a Belgian fintech startup, enables individuals and companies to lend each other money indirectly. mozzeno doesn’t just aim to connect prospective lenders and borrowers, they want to connect lenders with the right borrowers, determined by a set of eligibility criteria. For optimal marketing efficiency, mozzeno seeks to reach and influence audiences who are both in-market for a loan and likely to qualify based on their criteria.

In pursuit of their growth goals, mozzeno previously had to limit programmatic efforts to Facebook and Google as alternatives lacked scale, efficiency, or both.


Encouraged by Quantcast to explore the rich audiences beyond the walled gardens, mozzeno commenced a customer acquisition campaign.

With Quantcast’s advanced advertising technology to automate high-performance advertising execution, mozzeno and Quantcast could focus on media and creative strategy experimentation, approaches that delivered significantly more net-new customers while exceeding mozzeno’s acquisition goal for each conversion.


mozzeno and Quantast quickly established a trusted working relationship, which helped mozzeno to break out of the walled garden shackles and for the first time reach audiences and efficiently convert new customers across the open internet. The incremental scale available with Quantcast supported mozzeno in expanding their market share and with incredible campaign performance, mozzeno achieved a return of their advertising spend (ROAS) more than 1.4 times greater than their target acquisition goal.

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  • 1.44x

    higher ROAS than goal

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