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About the Brand Microsoft

Microsoft is an American multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and cloud computing services.

About the Agency Carat

Carat, a dentsu company, is the world’s first media agency. It pioneers and delivers brand, media, and digital communications solutions to some of the most storied and innovative brands in the world.

“Finding a partner like Quantcast that has consistent, reliable offerings at a global level provides incredible strategic value. Additionally, I see a lot of innovation from Quantcast–from interspace audiences to dynamic CPM pricing, Quantcast is always looking for ways to push the envelope. Ultimately, the people at Quantcast feel like an extension of my team, and it’s really great to have that kind of support.”

Mike Ru
Senior Marketing Manager, Brand, Advertising, and Research Group


As the company synonymous with spreadsheets, Microsoft keeps a close eye on every dollar of ad spend and so wanted to know the return on investment (ROI) it generates for the business. But since that ROI is constantly changing in real-time, Microsoft’s goal was to raise the bar for fluidity and speed. Driven by changes in customer behavior and media costs in the marketplace, they wanted to be able to jump on opportunities as they surfaced and divest out of tactics as soon as their performance declines.


Using Quantcast’s AI and machine learning engine, Ara®, Microsoft was able to ingest and process web signals, build sophisticated campaigns, and drive progressive improvement on campaigns. They also tapped into the ease and efficiency of the Quantcast Platform in their global campaigns, planning and precisely reaching audiences based on nuances by market.


The Microsoft Azure marketing team leveraged real-time data to connect with their global audience to drive measurable ROI. Over the year, they saw a huge growth for the cloud computing market, which contributed to Microsoft’s revenue for this part of its business, growing 50% to $14.6 billion in Q4 2020.


  • 50%

    revenue growth in Q4

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