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MediaCom uses integrated advertising approach to drive brand uplift and performance at scale

About the Agency MediaCom

MediaCom is a global media agency that helps people, brands, and businesses unleash their growth potential through media.

Alex Mediacom

“The relationship with Quantcast has definitely set us off on the journey and shown us what ‘through the line’ digital advertising can really mean. The results so far have been great. The power of Quantcast algorithms, machine learning, [and] user scoring has driven best-in-class performance at scale for us.”

Alex Glover
Digital Director


MediaCom wanted to bridge the gap between brand and trade in the digital advertising space. They felt like they were running two disparate campaigns with a divided focus: well-planned, carefully strategized brand executions that deliver big impact vs. the hard-working activity of nitty-gritty direct response advertising and trading. MediaCom wanted to link these strategies so that the work done by both sides would complement and help each other in an efficient and cost-effective way.


With Quantcast, MediaCom was able to draw on real-time data from more than 100M online destinations, gaining actionable insights to drive their campaigns. With a breadth of data that surpassed the limitations of the walled gardens, MediaCom leveraged live and accurate data to fuel their planning and activation, making it easier to link it with their trading.


By leveraging Quantcast’s ‘integrated advertising’ approach, which focuses on audiences along their full customer journey, MediaCom solved the problem of siloed campaigns. They primed brand audiences and moved them down the funnel to create demand. This resulted in significant uplift by dual exposure to their brand and trading campaigns, delivering expanded audience reach and performance at scale.

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