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Jack’s Family Restaurants dishes up a twofold increase in foot traffic with CTV

About the Brand Jack’s Family Restaurants

Since 1960, Jack’s Family Restaurants have been a Southern legacy. Originally a walk-up stand in Alabama, the quick serve restaurant (QSR) rapidly expanded, gaining loyal customers who returned for deals on burgers, fried chicken, and shakes.

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“Starting from ground zero when it came to online and digital audiences, it was really helpful to see how insights and activation tools could help us reach new customers.”

“Quantcast has become an extension of our team. Working together allows us to move quickly and efficiently, which is valuable to us as a local vendor with a small team and budget.”

Billie Jo Waara
Chief Marketing Officer
Jack’s Family Restaurants


Like other QSRs during the pandemic, Jack’s Family Restaurants, a southern legacy quick serve restaurant (QSR), had experienced declining foot traffic. Suddenly challenged by pandemic-restricted dining, they looked to maintain their success of over sixty years by quickly pivoting to meet their customers’ needs. To lessen a reliance on third-party delivery providers, they launched their own online ordering system, along with a loyalty app. They needed an advertising partner with audience insights to build stronger relationships with their long-standing customers and create awareness with new customers in emerging markets, ultimately driving them to digital ordering channels.


Jack’s Family Restaurants started by tapping Quantcast Audience Planner to develop three distinct audience personas for their marketing efforts: 1) people similar to their best current customers, 2) an audience modeled after their online buyers, and 3) loyalty members. These audiences were then activated with an omnichannel campaign utilizing Display, Native, Video and CTV. This comprehensive approach addressed the full funnel – reaching younger cord-cutting audiences, creating engagement in markets with less traditional TV penetration, and re-engaging Jack’s Family Restaurants loyalists – progressively moving these audiences down the funnel to complete an online order.


The coordinated omnichannel approach connected hungry consumers with Jack’s Family Restaurants’ new online ordering platform and loyalty program. What’s more, they also saw a twofold increase in foot traffic and a 5% increase in repeat purchases, highlighting the power of brand exposure in keeping Jack’s top of mind for dining experiences. With such an efficient digital engagement strategy in place, Jack’s Family Restaurants has been able to double the budgets they can profitably put to work in digital channels and grow their market share.

 Highlighted Stats Connected TV increases customer connection:

  • 2x

    foot traffic

  • 5%+

    increase in repeat purchase

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