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IMVU boosts player conversion rates for their avatar-based social platform

About the Brand IMVU

IMVU, the world’s largest avatar-based messaging platform, provides a virtual reality social experience for online users interested in gaming and 3D chat rooms.

Lomit Patel
“Any partner that’s really proactive about coming up with new ideas, new concepts, it makes our job a lot easier, and we’ve found that working with Quantcast, where teams are just as much invested into our business as we are.”
Lomit Patel
Vice President Growth


IMVU needed to protect their share of voice and users against an increasingly competitive entertainment landscape. They were looking for better and smarter ways to acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and monetize them. They also wanted to expand their advertising campaigns beyond the US.


IMVU was happy with the performance they were seeing in driving user sign-ups, but they had multiple partners on the plan and wanted to have a better understanding of the incrementality of Quantcast campaigns. Having worked closely with Quantcast for over four years, they began to run a series of incrementality tests. Through these tests, they confirmed Quantcast’s role in the continued acquisition of new customers as well as their retention.


IMVU has achieved their marketing objectives. Their campaigns have beaten CPA goals and boosted the player conversion rate. The social networking site has seen significant growth in their number of users; they also gained good quality users, getting a lifetime value out of them. As they expand globally, running recent campaigns in France and Germany, IMVU has been able to confirm that these campaigns are achieving the same level of success as previous campaigns in the US.


  • 24%

    increase in registrations

  • 16%

    better than CPA goal

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