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G-Star RAW drives innovation in denim–and scaling and automation

About the Brand G-Star RAW

G-Star RAW, a Dutch clothing company with global flagship stores, is known for its raw, untreated denim that pushes the boundaries of design.

Denise Fender

“I’ve worked with Quantcast for many, many years on many great campaigns [with] loads of innovations. When you grow as a global partner, relationships tend to become more vanilla, and you become more removed from the team. That’s not the case with Quantcast. They have it all. So whatever you need as a business, you’re likely to be able to leverage [it] from them. They’ll have the data, and they’ll understand your consumer before you. Working with them [is] fantastic.”

Denise Fender
Digital Director
G-Star RAW


G-Star RAW’s biggest challenges are scaling and automation. As a global business with local markets, they wanted to understand the nuances of their consumer by market, especially diving into changing consumer behavior to better segment their core audiences and deliver them personalized ad experiences.


Quantcast’s integration with numerous providers to onboard and action on first-party data allowed G-Star RAW to harness its power. This data was amplified through Quantcast’s bespoke dynamic modeling and real-time scoring, providing G-Star RAW access to relevant data sets that they automatically mold to each locality. These actionable insights included data on new product launches, defining discount vs. full-price buyers, and US state-level geographic changes based on seasonal differences. G-Star RAW was able to understand not only their existing consumers but also their future loyal consumers, which was important to them.


G-Star RAW used nuanced and nearly instantaneous insights from Quantcast to reach consumers, tapping into data on ever-changing behavioral trends, so they could take action at the right moment. Having access to Quantcast’s expertise in the fields of segmentation, personalization, testing, and innovation and to our real-time data helped G-Star RAW achieve their objectives.

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