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FTI Touristik dynamically responds to COVID-related changes in consumer behavior to reach niche travel audiences

About the Brand FTI Touristik

FTI Touristik is the third largest tour operator in Europe, offering travel experiences in 120 countries.

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“The Quantcast Platform excelled at reaching niche travel audiences during a pandemic. Their powerful technology honed in on the unique attributes of our rapidly changing consumer and their insights allowed us to understand our campaigns on a far deeper and nuanced level.”

Adele Vale
Head of Performance Marketing


Changing consumer behavior resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic impacted many industries, none more so than travel. With an incredible range of packages and options and a commitment to providing safe and flexible travel, FTI Touristik needed to solve two key challenges: 1. Determining, among continually changing conditions, which niche audiences would be most comfortable with travel, and; 2. conveying their promise as a safe travel provider to those audiences, encouraging advance bookings and ultimately driving higher sales volume.


With real-time data from over 100M web destinations, Quantcast’s Audience Planner, helped FTI Touristik understand the changing characteristics and interests of travel shoppers. Ara®, Quantcast’s AI and machine learning engine, then built predictive models for the audiences most interested in travel.

With a rich understanding of audiences, automatically adapting to changes in consumer behavior in real-time, FTI Touristik used Quantcast technology to pair an awareness campaign showcasing their safe travel credentials and comprehensive insurance offering, with performance display to drive online bookings.


By truly knowing their audiences and using this nuanced insight to power an integrated advertising strategy with Quantcast, even while they continually evolved, FTI Touristik systematically reached and influenced elusive pandemic travelers, attaining a two-fold increase in conversions with integrated upper and lower funnel campaigns, all while reducing the cost per booking by 17%.


  • 2x

    more likely to convert when exposed to upper and lower funnel creative

  • 17%

    lower cost per sale

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