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About the Brand EOLO

EOLO is an Italian telecommunications operator offering ultra-wideband connectivity services in wireless and wired technology, for the residential and business segments.

“We were looking for an advanced solution that could deliver valuable audience insights, ease of use, and performance, as well as support our in-house programmatic team with significant returns on the company business. The Quantcast Platform and the consulting provided by the team turned out to be the partner that we were looking for–our secret digital advertising weapon.”

Sebastiano Carbone
Digital Media Manager


EOLO had two specific goals that it sought to achieve: optimize their CPA and manage their own programmatic campaigns in a way that was easy and effective. The company turned to Quantcast, with whom they have a strong relationship that dates back years, to explore potential solutions.


Quantcast had just the answer: the Quantcast Platform, an intelligent audience platform and all-in-one solution that met all of EOLO’s criteria. Once the company’s team began tinkering with the self-serve platform, they understood its enormous potential to empower performance, driven by the actionable AI-driven insights. They implemented a hybrid campaign consisting of both display and video while taking advantage of the platform’s ‘full performance’ capability, which facilitates the optimal mix of prospecting and retargeting for maximum effectiveness.


EOLO was able to beat their CPA goal by 15% while slashing the time spent on operational activities by half. Today, the internal team plans, manages, and optimizes all of their campaigns, bringing the entire programmatic process in-house. By leaving the rote work to the Quantcast Platform, the EOLO team is now able to dedicate more time to strategy.


  • 15%

    reduction in CPA

  • 50%

    reduction in time spent on planning and optimization

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