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About the Brand Domino’s

The pizza delivery service that prides itself on its freshly made, oven-baked pizzas.

“With Quantcast, Domino’s have improved its return on ad spend (ROAS) with more targeted display campaigns. Quantcast’s machine learning has helped the brand identify high value customers to drive the desired results and also improve its marketing communication to be more relevant to the audience.”
Adam Yeoh
Senior Manager (Digital)


Since launching in Singapore in 2009, Domino’s has gone from strength to strength, growing year on year. However, with fierce competition entering the food delivery market in recent years, Domino’s was looking to stay ahead and maintain market share in what was becoming a highly competitive category. Domino’s goal was to increase order volume via its direct website, building stronger direct customer relationships and ideally, stickiness.


Domino’s leveraged Quantcast’s Performance Targeting solution to find online audiences that were likely to convert on their website (i.e. order pizza), and target them with engaging, lead-focused display advertising to drive web traffic and in-turn conversions. Domino’s used creative tailored to drive leads to their website, Quantcast’s technology helped Domino’s engage with potential customers to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. In addition, Domino’s leveraged Quantcast’s first party, real-time data to better understand their customers behaviour online and use its machine learning algorithms to find and engage with more potential customers that were browsing takeout dining options.


Quantcast successfully delivered against Domino’s objectives and achieved…

Quantcast was able to identify and navigate consumer behavioural shifts when COVID-19 hit thanks to its AI technology which recognised shifts in real-time. Knowing that people were being forced to stay home and were having to tighten their purse strings, Quantcast’s technology adapted the audience targeting to reach those looking for value food delivery services, as well as the heads of households purchasing value meals for their families. This targeting capability during the pandemic further improved the campaign results for Domino’s, demonstrating the power that performance advertising can deliver during difficult periods with the right technology in place.

10% lower CPA

than set goal within the first month of the campaign and has been consistent throughout.

2284% ROAS delivered

based on the campaign that ran Jan to Oct 2020.

45% lower CPA

than set goal within COVID-19 period

3850% delivered on set return

on ad spend (ROAS) goal

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