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Dentsu diversifies ad spend to increase audience reach

About the Agency dentsu

Dentsu is the largest agency brand and fifth largest agency network in the world.

Jason Crawford

“Our teams find the audience and campaign performance insights provided by Quantcast are invaluable to our clients’ success. In an increasingly complicated data and media ecosystem, we look forward to continuing to partner with Quantcast in 2021 and beyond.”

Jason Crawford
Vice President of Display Media


Dentsu knows that an ad campaign’s success depends on identifying relevant and responsive audiences. Recognizing the importance of diversifying dentsu’s ad spend across more channels so they would not be limited to a certain set of data, the agency wanted to go beyond the walled gardens. Dentsu’s goal was to expand their audience reach and gain audience insights.


Dentsu focused on establishing a first-party data strategy, drawing on both online and offline data for analysis and actionable insights. Leveraging Quantcast’s data and the platform’s advanced AI technology, the agency was able to effectively identify predictive audiences who were likely to take the desired campaign action.


Across many campaigns and client categories, dentsu has successfully identified audiences who are qualified and likely to respond. They drove measurable business outcomes with data insights that also helped them with future planning–whether audience, creative, or reach–and therefore future performance.

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