Advertise Customer Success Story The Quantcast Platform delivers a consistently low cost per lead for an educational institution

  • 80%

    CPL improvement
    Highest performance

  • 67%

    CPL improvement
    Average campaign lifetime performance


 “We’ve been using Quantcast for one of our biggest clients and it’s produced some impressive results.

 Thanks to sophisticated algorithmic buying, we found optimisation fast and accurate. It’s helped improve campaign performance and reduce costs, resulting in a consistently lower CPL with an average improvement of 67% – the best result we’ve seen in our 4 years with the client.

 We’ve also improved our productivity, with less time spent on manual updates and checking results. We now have added bandwidth to further analyse results and performance, helping us proactively add value for our clients.

 Our team has adapted to the platform quickly, thanks to the intuitive user interface and ease of use. While the Quantcast team led us throughout the whole process, we’ve found we’ve needed minimal support when compared to other platforms.

 We look forward to seeing more fantastic results as we roll out the platform across our client base.”

Mac O'Rourke
Head of Product & Technology

The Challenge

Connected Digital were challenged to drive leads for a leading educational institute and their suite of Business School courses offered via their website.

Connected Digital constantly benchmarks the Demand Side Platforms they use to ensure their clients are getting the best results. They were challenged to improve performance across their partner’s channels and approached Quantcast to help.

The Solution

Using Quantcast Retargeting through the Quantcast Platform helped re-engage those who had previously visited the educational institutes website and showed in-market signals for the courses they offered.

Using the Quantcast Platform, Connected Digital was able to gain better insights into conversion behaviour, whilst delivering the best results they’ve had for their client in four years.

The Results

Quantcast helped Connected deliver meaningful results for this leading educational institution. This campaign delivered an 80% improvement against the the cost per lead (CPL) goal, with an improvement of 67% across the full lifetime of the campaign.

This was Connected Digital’s strongest result ever for this client.

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