Connected Digital drives leads for a leading business school’s online courses

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About the Brand Business School

This leading educational institute offers online courses. 

About the Agency Connected Digital

Connected Digital is a full-service media agency focused on providing innovative solutions, fueled by performance, with data at the core.

“With less time spent on manual updates and checking results, we now have added bandwidth to further analyse results and performance, helping us proactively add value for our clients.”


Connected Digital was challenged to drive leads for a leading educational institute and their suite of Business School courses offered via their website. They constantly benchmark the demand side platforms (DSPs) they use to ensure their clients are getting the best results. Connected Digital wanted to improve performance across their partner’s channels and approached Quantcast to help.


Connected Digital tapped into the power of the Quantcast Platform, noting the superior audience insights compared to other trialed DSPs, allowing them to gain better insights into conversion behaviour. They used retargeting to re-engage those who had previously visited the educational institute’s website and showed in-market signals for the courses they offered. Thanks to sophisticated algorithmic buying, optimisation was fast and accurate.


Connected Digital was able to produce impressive results for one of their biggest clients. The Quantcast Platform helped improve campaign performance and reduce costs, resulting in a consistently lower cost per lead (CPL) for the client. They hit the target CPL goal, improving it by 80% at the height of the campaign, with an improvement of 67% across the full lifetime of the campaign, which was their strongest result in 4 years of working with this client. Connected Digital also improved their productivity, with less time spent on manual updates and checking results. They had added bandwidth to further analyse results and performance, helping them proactively add value for their client.


  • #1

    Performer in four year partnership with client

  • 67%

    CPL improvement (average campaign lifetime performance)

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