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Citibank breaks through noisy credit market and connects with consumers

About the Brand Citibank

Citibank is a global bank that provides financial services, enabling growth and economic progress for their clients.

About the Agency Accordant Media (dentsu)

Part of the dentsu network, Accordant Media is a data-driven, full-service programmatic advertising agency.

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“Reaching our core lending and credit card consumer is critical to growing our business. Quantcast provided a full funnel solution that gave us unique access to this niche audience, at scale, while also driving them to action on our website.”

Melissa Cicero
SVP of Digital Acquisition
Citibank, Cards and Loans


Financial institutions often waste valuable media spend, focusing on customers unlikely to convert. With this in mind, Citibank challenged Quantcast to drive an uplift in applications across the consumer lending and credit card product suite by reaching only the most likely to convert audience.


Quantcast provided Citibank with a two-pronged approach–upper funnel audience reach coupled with lead-focused direct response. Working with Quantcast, Citibank was able to deliver online video to a niche consumer lending and credit card audience. By algorithmically reaching prospective customers based on the typical browsing behavior preceding searches for category terms (e.g., “best credit cards” or “loan interest rates”), competitor terms (e.g., Chase, Amex), and life stage/purchase terms (e.g., automotive, holiday, home-related terms), Quantcast promoted Citibank to consumers most likely to be receptive to financial product messaging–before they were even in-market. Quantcast also provided on-going messaging to these potential customers, ultimately driving them to action on the Citibank website.


Priming prospects with a video ad followed by direct response display resulted in users 2x more likely to convert than those only shown a direct response display ad, and 5.5x more likely to convert than those only shown online video—ultimately outperforming the CPA goal by 165%.


  • 165%

    Outperformed CPA goal

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