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Christie’s transforms its 255-year-brand with machine learning and AI

About the Brand Christie’s

Founded in 1766, Christie’s is a world-leading art and luxury business. The British auction house is renowned for its expert live and online auctions as well as its private sales.

Samantha Margolias

“I’ve always appreciated that I continue to learn new things from the Quantcast team. I can really trust their expertise and have an honest and transparent conversation about the challenges that we’re dealing with and what the best way to tackle them will be. I can ask them all of the technical, in the weeds questions that I have, and if they don’t have an answer on the spot, they’ll get one and be able to explain it to me and to our business, [providing] a clear way [of] understanding that audience.”

Samantha Margolis
Vice President, Digital Marketing Director


With a very small, international, and high-net worth client base, Christie’s wanted to use first-party data strategically to connect with potential customers in a safe and respectful way. Because they never sell the same item twice and don’t know what their top-lot or next auction is going to be, they need to be agile and flexible to reach customers at the right time with the right auction item that will appeal to them. And, above all, they want their customers to trust them.


Christie’s partnered with Quantcast to develop a privacy-first approach. Although Christie’s has access to first-party data, provided by customers when they sign into their site and share their interests, they wanted to use that data thoughtfully, respectfully, and strategically. By leveraging the power of the Quantcast Platform, powered by Ara®, our AI and machine learning engine, they were able to uncover detailed insights into their web traffic that allowed them to choose the right partners to approach selectively and strategically.


Christie’s used real-time data and algorithms to find a niche audience that was currently in-market. They successfully reached the right customers for their auction items, providing a good client experience and a worthwhile incentive for the exchange of data. They were also able to provide these new insights to their social media campaigns.

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