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BDG benefits with an audience-first, personalized approach

About the Brand BDG

BDG (formerly known as Bustle Digital Group) is one of the fastest-growing global publishers in modern media, home to a portfolio of distinct media brands: Bustle, Elite Daily, Input, Inverse, Mic, NYLON, Romper, the Zoe Report, and W Media.

Jason Wagenheim

“We love you guys at Quantcast. You’ve made us so much smarter about how we operate internally and with the products that we’re able to take to market. I don’t know how we could operate, frankly, our business right now, as successfully as we are in a very challenging time, without some of the tools that you guys provide.”

Jason Wagenheim
President and Chief Revenue Officer


BDG’s varied publications enable it to provide a range of content, but the challenge is determining what content connects with its audiences. To reach and engage its audiences, BDG needed real-time insights to understand that audience, what is on their minds, and what is driving their consumption behavior.


Working with Quantcast, BDG was able to gain audience insights about how its content is resonating and being engaged with, by which audiences, across all of its sites. The tools that Quantcast provides allowed BDG’s editors and writers to think differently about future content that they would produce, based on how audiences respond to them. With these audience and content insights, BDG identified “Five Rules of Engagement” that have become the backbone of all their work: (1) Know your story; (2) Inspire instead of aspire; (3) Provide them with a service; (4) Show, don’t tell; and (5) Always let insights lead the way.


When BDG focuses on what their audience wants, the agency sees rates of engagement that are three to four times higher than when it does not. As a result, BDG has achieved the largest reach and engagement of any Millennial and Gen Z-focused publisher. And, using the Quantcast Platform, BDG has been able to validate and verify that it delivered upon the KPIs that advertisers set out for the agency with any campaign.

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