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Brand Lift Live by Quantcast™ fuels real-time actionable insights for Auto Trader, driving 15% consideration lift

About the Brand Auto Trader

Auto Trader is the largest digital automotive marketplace for car buyers and sellers in the UK.

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“Brand Lift Live took our brand campaign learnings to the next level by giving us real-world insights that can be implemented quickly and effectively.”

Grace Bailey
Senior Marketing Manager,
Auto Trader


Having historically focused their programmatic investments on performance-driven display campaigns, Auto Trader was looking to increase consideration with new car buyers by introducing an omnichannel brand strategy that included video. They needed their brand media to be measurable, optimizable, and iterative to maximize return on investment, but were frustrated by conventional research offerings’ setup complexity and lack of actionable insights.


Auto Trader partnered with Quantcast for their robust suite of integrated brand solutions to run an upper funnel video campaign focused on consideration lift, paired with a lower funnel performance campaign to drive buyer leads. Starting with Brand Lift Live, they asked auto intenders, “How likely are you to buy a car online with Auto Trader?”, finding and optimizing to those that responded “very likely.” This not only provided them with real-time access to granular insights, but also enabled them to fine-tune audiences, frequency, creative, and messaging while their campaign was live to more efficiently find and reach their new car buyer audience. Quantcast’s Brand to Demand Attribution helped quantify the impact of these new upper funnel video investments on their sales goals.


    Fueled by actionable Brand Lift Live insights, Auto Trader optimized towards the “very likely to buy audience”, resulting in a 15% lift in consideration with auto intenders. Brand to Demand Attribution validated their new full-funnel omnichannel strategy, highlighting a 50% conversion lift when their performance display was complemented by video.

    Highlighted Stats  Demand more from brand:

    • Consideration:
      15% consideration lift
    • Performance:
      50% conversion lift with the addition of video

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