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Australian Pork promotes premium quality ribs to core foodie demographics

About the Brand Australian Pork

Australian Pork is a producer-owned organisation that works to represent Aussie pig producers.

About the Agency Quantium

Quantium works with iconic brands in over 20 countries, partnering on their greatest challenges and unlocking transformational opportunities.

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“Working with Quantcast on a bespoke audience was a new and efficient way to reach people who are more likely to order ribs in a restaurant. At nearly 100% in-target composition, Quantcast surpassed our expectations, as validated by our post-campaign research in which 45% of respondents said that after seeing the advertisements, they would ask if the pork ribs were Australian when ordering in the future.”

Julie Unwin
Senior Brand Manager
Australian Pork


Australian Pork approached Quantcast with the challenge of raising awareness between high-quality (and more expensive) Australian pork versus imported-wholesale, preservative-packed meats. They wanted to reach pork rib buyers with display and mobile education-based messaging to shift brand perception and market share.


Through Quantcast’s unique partnership with Quantium, Quantcast’s audience segmentation with Quantium data allowed Australian Pork to reach past purchasers through the ‘pork rib buyers’ segment. Quantcast amplified this data set to ensure effective reach and frequency to influence their desired audience and help shift brand perception.


Quantcast not only hit Australian Pork’s 70% viewability goal, but also did so 99.88% in-target against their core demographics. Quantcast audience insights also helped them to reach more prospective customers whose interests aligned with their product.


  • 70%

    Viewability goal reached

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