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Audacy leverages Quantcast Platform to fuel media planning for over 200+ broadcast stations

About the Publisher Audacy

Audacy is a leading multi-platform audio content and entertainment company with the country’s best collection of local music, news and sports brands, a premium podcast creator, major event producer, and digital innovator. 

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“The Quantcast Platform has been incredibly valuable for us. We now have more coverage and understanding of our total audience, and this is seamlessly available in the Quantcast Platform. Whether it is our digital assets, or broadcast stations, and more – we can now tell the full story, and fuel all of our media planning with accurate data.”

Jeffrey Berest
Manager, Data & Analytics


For Audacy, a free broadcast and digital audio platform that streams music, news, sports, and podcasts, having the ability to provide accurate audience data to their advertisers is crucial to their business.

Audacy needed to address the gap in measurement and addressability when it comes to traditional broadcast radio. This gap is due to the fact that all radio listeners hear the same ad; the ability to prove that their advertisers have the right audience is paramount.


Audacy primarily used Quantcast as a pre-sales insights and research tool across the enterprise. Quantcast enabled Audacy to go beyond traditional, radio research platforms, by integrating their rich set of first-party data to interpret consumer behavior in real time.

With the Quantcast Platform, Audacy was able to distribute additional first-party audience segments to their advertisers that better represent their broadcast station listeners. These additional audience segments closed a significant gap in audience measurement and enabled Audacy to tell the full-picture story about their audience.


By utilizing the Quantcast Platform, Audacy was able to port their “offline” first-party data into the system and measure these unknown audiences, and provide their national and local advertisers with more relevant and data-driven qualitative insights. Audacy is now able to qualitatively measure their ‘over-the-air’ audience (broadcast radio listeners) in combination with, or against, their digital users.

Jeffrey Berest explains, “For Audacy, Quantcast’s technology has been a game changer. The term ‘game changer’ doesn’t feel like a hyperbole for us. Imagine being another media publisher and you’re only able to get insights on half of your audience. With Quantcast, we are able to close a huge gap in audience measurement.”

These insights also improved Audacy’s media planning ability on their network, enabling them to demonstrate to their broadcast stations that they have identified their primary audiences.

By being able to develop data-driven media plans based on credible audience insights, Audacy was able to reduce waste and maximize ROI. This ability not only was integral for their clients, but also helped Audacy differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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