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Amaysim connects with and converts customers in market for mobile phone plans

About the Brand amaysim

amaysim is an Australian provider of mobile phone plans.

About the Agency PHD AU

PHD is a global media and marketing communications agency.

“The value we get from Quantcast is two-fold: one is the consistent sales performance we achieve at an efficient CPA and the second is the insights that they’re able to provide us through their dashboard. The insights are in real time, which are fantastic. We can launch new products and see how the products appeal to new customers. We don’t get this from some of our other channel partners.”
Mark Kademi
Head of Digital Marketing


Amaysim offers award-winning products in the mobile and energy space. They aim to make these products simple and cost-effective for every Australian. Their challenge lies in attracting and understanding their customers in a highly competitive market. Amaysim was looking to identify prospective customers who are in-market for mobile or energy products, reach them effectively, and ultimately convert them to amaysim customers.


Weekly and monthly audience insights provided amaysim with a live lens into their customer behaviour online. They reported these learnings back to the business to help them better understand their current customers. A live audience understanding informed offers, creative messaging, and other critical business metrics.


Using the largest live audience dataset across the open internet, Quantcast has delivered both new customers and audience insights to amaysim. The conversion rates from new traffic were significantly higher: Quantcast prospecting converted consumers 3.3x more than the average site.


  • +4x

    exceeded return on ad spend (ROAS) goals

  • 3.3x

    higher conversion rate than average site traffic

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