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altitude lifts brand awareness 23% for document management leader, d.velop, with Quantcast omnichannel solutions

About the Brand d.velop

The d.velop Group develops and markets software that optimizes document-based business and decision-making processes in companies. More than 2.9 million users trust their efficient document management and archiving.

About the Agency altitude

altitude is an artist and brand management agency that builds growth through a structured process and mix of growth-relevant measures from the areas of performance marketing, creative conception and strategy development.

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“Influencing niche audiences, like business decision makers, with impactful video campaigns too often requires trading reach for precision. The cutting-edge modeling in Quantcast’s omnichannel solution delivered scaled results without any need to compromise accuracy.”

Lucas Bast


D.velop Group tasked their agency, altitude, with reaching their niche high-income business decision maker (BDM) customer efficiently and with accuracy. Understanding the power of video’s sight, sound, and motion to build stronger customer connections and brand recall, they wanted to pair pre-roll video with brand engagement, validating success by measuring brand lift, digital audience reach and video completion rate.


altitude tapped into the power of Quantcast’s real-time first-party data, which provides omnichannel scaled reach to precision audiences. Leveraging keywords related to document management systems, enterprise software, and related digital services, altitude created a private custom audience model that appealed to the interests of their core business decision maker persona. Ara™, Quantcast’s AI and machine learning engine, modeled the unique habits and interests of these desired customers, finding and expanding reach to new prospects with video creative to achieve both accuracy and scale. To validate success, they used a Nielsen Digital Content Evaluation Study, measuring audience reach, frequency, and site engagement.


Quantcast’s ability to hone in on real-time relevant audiences drove significant video engagement and brand awareness of d.velop Group’s suite of services. Consumers were highly engaged with the video creative, resulting in a 93% video completion rate and exceeding the industry benchmark by 24%. The Nielsen Digital Content Evaluation Study validated brand awareness, seeing 23% brand lift with their core target audience.

Highlighted Stats

  • 1.3x
    video completion rate benchmark
  • 23%
    brand uplift with their core target audience

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