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About the Brand 28 by Sam Wood

Australia’s #1 home fitness and nutrition program designed by the Australian Bachelor, Sam Wood. His online program has already helped over 400,000 people live healthier lives.

“We get approached a lot by marketing providers and digital marketing companies, promising that they can transform our company and help us grow, but more often than not, there’s a level of over-promise and under-delivery. [We] really had quite the opposite experience with Quantcast. It’s a wonderful dynamic we have with Quantcast, when month-on-month, we’re increasing our spend, and our customer acquisition costs are either maintaining or sitting well below what our KPIs are.”
David Jackson
Australian Life Tech


When COVID-19 hit, the highly competitive arena of health and fitness got even more fierce. With consumers turning to online workouts to replace gym sessions and to healthy food prep and deliveries to replace dining out habits, Australian Life Tech (ALT) wanted to ensure that Sam Wood maintained its leadership positioning in the market to attract new customer sign-ups for the program.


ALT partnered with Quantcast to segment their health-conscious audience and maximize engagement to drive conversions. Quantcast identified key site pages and helped implement an optimal tagging strategy to deliver robust audience insights. Using these insights along with Quantcast’s custom modeling, they were able to find and reach new users, growing their customer base.


With greater traffic volume and deeper knowledge of user behavior, Quantcast was able to build a very specific audience pool and reduce CPA by 35%.

35% CPA Reduciton

For target audience pool

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