With more than 30 million pages of content and 400,000 fan communities, Wikia is a unique social community where fans connect over their shared enthusiasm for pop culture. For example, a reader can learn how every character in Game of Thrones dies with content created and maintained by fans. To help describe this massive, highly-engaged audience to advertisers, Wikia uses Quantcast Measure.

Quantcast helps us see the big picture and the smallest one, down to each of our 400,000 fan communities, across web and mobile. It helps us show brand advertisers how a massive audience also can be a highly engaged audience.

Zak Kirchner, Market Research Director, Wikia
Wikia uses Quantcast Measure to directly measure all its content across web and mobile platforms.
  • Mobile Measurement: Over the previous two years, Wikia’s visitors from mobile devices have more than tripled, while its online audience has continued to grow. By measuring both mobile and web audiences, Wikia tracks its audience growth across platforms.
  • Measuring 400,000 Subdomains: Using Quantcast Measure, Wikia can easily find traffic and audience information for any of its 400,000 fan communities.
  • Audience Insights for Ad Sales: Wikia uses demographics of its fan communities to help advertisers understand the value of its immersive ad units and sponsored content opportunities.
Wikia’s unique audience wears its love for its favorite shows and games as a badge of honor—they truly are super-fans. That audience is growing rapidly, recently helping Wikia become one of the top 25 sites in the U.S. Wikia is showing advertisers how a publisher with massive reach can also deliver a highly-engaged audience.