TMP Worldwide, a leading agency for recruitment marketing, helps employers to enhance their visibility in the candidate market through collaboration with innovative technology partners.

The Challenge

Today, the German labour market possess more difficulties, even for well-known brands to acquire talent. TMP Worldwide, with its global reputation for solving talent acquisition problems for employers, decided to hit the ground running. The primary focus was to target potential candidates who were not yet looking for opportunities out in the market.

The challenge for a specific TMP Worldwide consulting client was to reach and influence potential female candidates in the IT and Technology and guide them to an application on the client’s online job portal. TMP Worldwide decided to partner with Quantcast again to leverage its behavioural AI platform, based on Internet-scale 1st party data.

The Solution

For the campaign of the consulting company, TMP Worldwide decided to rely on Quantcast’s Direct Response solution to efficiently reach this specific female audience and achieve optimal results. As a first step, a pixel was placed on the brand’s website, which allowed the Quantcast technology to build a tailored audience profile. This unique blueprint was then used to identify and serve ads to similar users who were potentially a strong fit. During the entire course of the campaign, the audience profile was automatically updated to any changes in the user behaviour of the audience to ensure that only the most relevant users were addressed.

According to Quantcast’s Campaign Insights, the average time for a candidate to convert from an initial contact to fill out the application form to be 30 days. Therefore, TMP Worldwide decided to combine prospecting efforts with retargeting activities to strengthen the relationship with the brand among potential applicants who had visited the client’s website but did not yet submit a job application and guide them to the conversion.

“Through innovative and technology-based campaigns for employer brands, we help our clients to reach the right applicants. Quantcast’s direct response solution is an important and effective component in our media mix, and it contributes significantly to the success of our digital campaigns.”

Christoph Schulz, Director Media & Metrics
TMP Worldwide Germany
The Results

The campaign was a big hit, not only did it achieve fruitful results, but it also proved to be extremely cost-effective. The collaboration between TMP Worldwide and Quantcast successfully brought in 1,900 applicants for the consulting firm. In addition to a high targeting accuracy, Quantcast also obtained a relatively low cost-per-acquisition compared to other digital channels such as direct bookings and network bookings.

  • 1,900 qualified applications generated
  • 1.1x more likely to convert if prospected by Quantcast
  • 51% lower CPA compared to direct bookings