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The Cheat Sheet Knows The Audience For All Of Their Content

With a global reach of over 10 million uniques, The Cheat Sheet established themselves as one of the go-to sites for Wall Street news. In order to keep growing their reach, they decided to attract new users by expanding their content to have essential knowledge and recommendations for a variety of topics. To prove that offering a variety of new content engaged different types of new users, The Cheat Sheet turned to Quantcast to quantify these different audiences.

Quantcast lets us see how each of our topic areas reaches a unique audience. It confirmed our decision to expand into new content, and quantifying our audiences in our marketing materials helps us bring in new brand advertisers.”

Derek Hoffman, Co-Founder and President, The Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet used Quantcast Easy Tag to set up Audience Segments and display its distinct audiences for advertisers, across content channels.

  • Understand Audiences For Any Topic: The Cheat Sheet gets a granular view of the audience for each of their content topics. Rather than relying on the assumption that Entertainment content is most appealing to a younger audience, the data can show them that their youngest audience is actually reading Technology content.
  • Attract New Advertisers: Using Quantcast Measure numbers in marketing materials allows The Cheat Sheet to show off their valuable audiences. For advertisers looking to target a specific demographic, such as 25-34-year-old high-income males, The Cheat Sheet is able to provide evidence of exactly what type of content engages that profile.
  • Easy Implementation for Easy Use: The Cheat Sheet gets granular insights rolled up into a visual reporting profile that is easy to understand. All it took was one simple tag and a few minutes of implementation work, and the Quantcast team handled everything else.

Using data from Quantcast Measure, The Cheat Sheet can attract brand advertisers such as Charles Schwab by demonstrating the value of their audiences. In addition to reaching new advertisers, The Cheat Sheet now has hard data proving that their decision to expand to new content areas helped them to reach new audiences.

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