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Stack Exchange Showcases Its Massive Global Developer Audience

For developers and technology professionals, Stack Exchange is an indispensable resource. Originating with, which helps developers get answers from experts, Stack Exchange today reaches 97 million global monthly uniques over 12 primary sites, with topics ranging from Objective-C to cat care.

Stack Exchange uses its position as a tech-centric gathering place to help companies hire tech talent and help advertisers influence that valuable community. To show its audience size to customers such as Microsoft and Amazon, Stack Exchange uses Quantcast Measure.

We use Quantcast Measure to showcase our global developer audience, both in our media kit and in sales conversations. It’s easy for our ad sales team to use while also flexible enough to show useful seasonal and geographic trends.”

Danny Miller, Director of Ad Sales and Operations, Stack Exchange
Stack Exchange tracks all of its properties with Quantcast Measure, from its 12 main sites to its Android and iOS apps.

  • Equipping Sales With Audience Data: Stack Exchange’s 100-person career sales team uses Quantcast Measure daily to share city- and state-level audience reach to prospects.
  • Showcasing Global Presence: To attract global tech customers such as Google, Stack Exchange tracks its audience numbers in every major market worldwide.
  • API-Powered Media Kit: Stack Exchange’s online media kit displays per-country traffic metrics, pulling the latest figures using the Measure API.

Today, Stack Exchange is one of the largest global publishers. It’s also one of the fastest growing, adding 22 million uniques over the past year. Stack Exchange is proving that the need for developers and technology professionals to learn and share transcends international boundaries.

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