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The Original Bowling Co. Finds New Customers at a 6:1 ROAS

Working with Quantcast meant that we have progressed the media plan while exceeding our client’s goals. Not only driving incremental uplift in online bookings, but bringing new customers to our advertiser’s website. Quantcast is continually reaching new customers, and a significant proportion of them convert first visit.”

Sarah Coften, Head of Digital, The Smithfield Agency

The Original Bowling Co. was looking to implement an always-on campaign to drive conversions across all 43 centers around the UK. They decided to test real-time display advertising with several partners, including Quantcast.

Quantcast tagged multiple pages across the Hollywood Bowl and AMF websites to build a unique real-time audience model. With this model and Quantcast’s consumer data set connected directly to its real-time bidding platform, Quantcast was able to target new customers efficiently at the right time and in the right place.

Staying on all the time with Quantcast has made it possible for us to find and convert customers across peak and off-peak periods and increase lane bookings for The Original Bowling Co. year round”

James Mawer, Head of Sales and Marketing, The Original Bowling Co.

Despite seasonal volatility and holidays, Quantcast efficiently converted online bowling customers through October to May:

  • Quantcast delivered an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 6:1.
  • Quantcast targeted 96% of new prospects throughout the campaign.
  • Of all conversions, 56% occurred on first visit to the site, further demonstrating the effectiveness and efficiency of the approach.
  • Quantcast conversion rate was 1.3 times higher than the average conversion rate on the Hollywood and AMF Bowling websites.

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