• Performance 1.8X better than CPA goal in 2017
  • Drove a 1.4X uplift in site conversions
  • Effectively scaled quote submissions in highly geo targeted mutual locations, reaching new audiences
  • Successfully leveraged language targeting in the Quebec market to ensure that customers were reached in their preferred language


Promutuel Insurance, a Quebec-based insurance provider, sought a partner who could help drive insurance quote submissions against precise geo targets in the preferred language of their customers. They not only wanted a partner who could align with their hyper-local targeting and language efforts, but also could scale their lead generation over time to help grow their business.


Understanding that hyper-local targeting was a critical business strategy for Promutuel Insurance, Quantcast worked with them to meet their customized needs, ultimately building postal-code targeting from scratch to unlock new targeting features necessary to scale the client’s digital effort at a highly efficient CPA.

“Quantcast understood our challenge in reaching new customers based on highly geo targeted postal codes and built an entirely new solution from the ground up. This level of collaboration is what makes Quantcast such a partner!”