Plantronics sought to drive new, qualified traffic to the “Where to buy offline/online” product page across the UK, France and Germany, as well as gain deeper insight into existing and converting customers.

Quantcast tagged multiple pages across the Plantonics site, including “Where to buy” and select product pages. They then built unique custom models in the UK, France and Germany to target new prospects on exchanges in real-time.

Working with Quantcast enabled Plantronics to drive increased traffic to the Plantronics site in UK, France and Germany at scale. This has had an immediate impact on the reach of Plantronics across all of these countries.”

Lyndsey Best, Company Director, Agenda 21

Quantcast has been the most effective partner on plan, and is renewed monthly. Quantcast’s model building and real- time bidding drove increased traffic to the Plantronics site across the three European countries from February to May 2013, and:

  • Consistently trended below CPA goal
  • Successfully targeted 99% of new prospects throughout the campaign

    Quantcast’s unique ability to find new customers across the web provided an efficient solution to build awareness and drive new customers to the product page of our site across three countries.”

    Penny Hoile, Digital Marketing Manager, Europe and Africa, Plantronics