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Corsair Increases Online Acquisition of New Customers with 25:1 ROAS


  • Getting ahead and winning new customers in the travel vertical is tough, and the battlefield is dense with competition from airlines, tour operators, comparison sites and booking engines, all of whom are competing for the same customers.
  • Effective prospecting is essential to win the race to identify potential new customers, and Quantcast’s reach allows it to outperform other prospecting partners.
  • The campaign achieved a return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) of 25, and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) fell by more than 50%.
  • Quantcast was the number one partner on plan, and Corsair and Quantcast have formed a long-term partnership to continually drive new customers.

When Competition Is Fierce, the Early Bird Catches the Worm
Founded in 1981, Corsair is a subsidiary of TUI Travel PLC, the world’s leading tourism group. It operates in over 180 countries worldwide, carrying over 1.3 million passengers a year. With routes originating in France to destinations such as the Caribbean, Madagascar and Canada, Corsair looks to sell both Horizon and Grand Large flights online to a growing number of passengers. The travel vertical is saturated and complex with tour operators, carriers, comparison sites and booking engines all competing for the same online audience. Corsair recognized that in order to win the battle for online customers, it needed to run effective prospecting. Prospecting is designed to reach an audience of people who have never been to the Corsair website but who display very similar online behaviors and demographics to Corsair’s best customers, and thus are highly likely to become customers—if Corsair can grab their attention before booking engines and comparison sites do.

When we decided that we needed to increase our prospecting activity, Quantcast was a natural partner for us. Their approach to real-time advertising aligns perfectly with our goal of driving new customers that have never been to our site. The results speak for themselves: Quantcast outperformed the other partner we worked with, and we’ve implemented our next campaign with Quantcast already.

Geoffrey Gouverneur, Traffic Acquisition Manager, Corsair

The Need for Speed
Corsair partnered with Quantcast and another prospecting partner, and set the same goal for both of them: to drive more sales through prospecting. Quantcast tags were deployed on the Corsair website, and Quantcast’s Predictive Intelligence quickly built a custom audience profile of Corsair’s most valuable customers. Quantcast Advertise observes millions of media consumption signals that audiences give off, using Quantcast’s big data set and instantaneous map of web activity. This, together with the custom audience profile Quantcast has built for Corsair, allowed us to identify other ideal prospects across the web, and anticipate what a customer needs or wants before they even know, to truly influence their unique journey.

The Results
Quantcast collects its own online audience behavior data, as opposed to relying on third-party data. This allows Quantcast Advertise to respond to movements and subtle signals that are invisible to all other prospecting campaign partners. This unique approach enabled Corsair to reduce CPA and realize new customers at a positive ROAS.

  • Quantcast was the number one partner on plan, delivering more new customers through prospecting than any other vendor on plan, through efficient prospecting.
  • CPA was reduced by more than 50%.
  • The campaign achieved a ROAS of 25 times investment.

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