One Medical, a membership-based primary care system, was looking to increase membership registrations. Having seen considerable success with paid search and retargeting, One Medical engaged Quantcast to introduce more sophisticated targeting mechanisms to help grow the business.

Quantcast helps us stay on top of innovative solutions in the market. They have been a great partner in helping us grow our business!”

Neil Davis, Online Marketing Manager, One Medical


  • Complete Targeting: Quantcast targeted consumers across the entire connected universe who exhibited online browsing behavior most similar to One Medical’s current members. Quantcast’s algorithms dynamically adjusted the levels of prospecting and retargeting to reach these best matches, and drove them to sign up for a membership.
  • A/B Test: Quantcast set up an A/B test to compare the lift in conversions, and to test the targeting impact.

The Quantcast solution yielded impressive results for One Medical and confirmed the effectiveness of Quantcast’s audience targeting capabilities:

  • Quantcast drove a significant lift in conversions for One Medical in In all three regions where the test was conducted:
    • San Francisco – 21% lift in conversions
    • Washington D.C. – 17% lift in conversions
    • New York – 31% lift in conversions
  • 99% new reach rate – 99% of cookies Quantcast touched had not been to the One Medical site within the previous 30 days.
  • Quantcast converted 50% more prospects than the overall site average.