Ohio is home to many top national attractions and offers a diverse set of travel experiences, but many people aren’t aware of its top-notch travel options. TourismOhio and its agency, Marcus Thomas, set out to establish Ohio as a travel destination of choice by revamping the TourismOhio website to highlight Ohio’s wide range of activities by lifestyle. They needed a partner that could extend TourismOhio’s lifestyle segmentation and messaging strategy to its digital advertising campaign to grow interest in Ohio travel and drive travelers to the site to learn more.

We were looking for a partner that could deliver our message to our distinct audience profiles at scale, to impact brand awareness, on desktop, mobile and tablet. Quantcast’s solution allowed us to match the right message with the right person to drive qualified traffic to to continue telling the brand story.”

Elizabeth Ballash, Associate Media Director, Marcus Thomas

Quantcast worked with TourismOhio to build out a campaign that delivered on its multifaceted strategy.

  • Targeted Reach: With Search Powered Audiences, Quantcast precisely targeted TourismOhio’s key audience segments: Culture Buffs, Family-Focused Trippers, Nature Lovers, Thrill Seekers, City Lovers, Foodies and Event Goers.
  • Efficiency through Geo-Targeting: To appeal to the most relevant audiences, Quantcast focused in on Ohio residents as well as people in key metropolitan areas of neighboring states.
  • Tailored Creative: To drive qualified traffic to key areas of the site, Quantcast matched relevant creative to each audience’s travel interests and geographic location. 


  • +11% time spent on site
  • +9% pages viewed per visit