KQED, Public Media for Northern California, was looking to increase donations and attract, grow and engage audiences. Historically, KQED used their own media channels – TV, Radio, interactive and email – to build awareness and increase donations, but had not advertised online in several years. KQED made a strategic move into display advertising with Quantcast alongside its traditional media efforts, to reach new prospects and increase overall donation volume.

Quantcast’s full-service account team went above and beyond to become true partners of KQED. They worked closely with us to provide strategic recommendations that ultimately drove campaign success!”

Michael Lupetin, Vice President of Marketing, KQED

KQED chose Quantcast’s complete targeting to maximize acquisition performance.

  • Complete Targeting: Quantcast targeted consumers across the entire connected universe who exhibited online browsing behavior most similar to KQED’s current donors. Quantcast’s algorithms dynamically adjusted the levels of prospecting and retargeting to reach these best matches, and drove them to donate.
  • Cross-Platform: Upon finding that KQED donor prospects were heavy mobile users—Quantcast models proactively served 60% of ad impressions to tablets and smartphones.

Quantcast’s ability to prospect, predict and convert customers at scale yielded impressive Net New™ results:

  • 7:1 ROAS
  • 50% of donors driven by Quantcast were new, never before entered in KQED’s database.
  • $201,202 in online donations, across two CPA campaigns with a $29k display advertising budget.
  • Increased affinity with commuters, KQED’s largest membership group.
  • Unique and robust audience insights to inform future marketing decisions.