Kobo is an eReading service that is dedicated to delivering the best digital reading experience to its countless users. In a competitive market where eReaders are also competing against tablet devices, Kobo and its agency, Cossette, wanted to expand their reach further up the funnel and identify potential customers in the early stages of research. They worked with Quantcast to build on their current prospecting and retargeting programs and generate positive brand perception.

By employing programs such as Search Powered Audiences, we built interest to drive significantly more engagement from the initial touch and fill the marketing funnel with completely new, qualified prospects.”

Lindsay Bray, Manager, Online Performance

Kobo and Cossette turned to Quantcast to grow brand perception and efficiently extend reach at each stage of consideration.

  • Search Powered Competitive Conquesting: Quantcast identified consumers who were interested in Kobo, as well as their competitors, based on search behavior.
  • Search Powered Category Conquesting: Quantcast targeted audiences interested in eReaders as well as the broader tablet category to grow reach.
  • Prospecting + Retargeting: Combined with Search Powered Audiences, Kobo used its existing targeting strategies to reach in-market consumers and convert them.


  • 95% new audience reached
  • 10% increase in eBook downloads
  • Quantcast was a top performer on the plan