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HomeServe Measures Display Partners Effectively


HomeServe USA provides home repair services to over 2.8 million homes with more than 4.3 million service plans across the US and Canada.

HomeServe knew there was a large opportunity in digital ads, yet understood that finding the right ‘match’ (prospected customers) was going to be difficult. They took a testing approach around display, knowing that they could double down on what worked. They started working with a handful of partners and were looking to learn how to evaluate their effectiveness.

The Split Funnel Report gives us clear visibility into how each partner on our plan is performing. It aids our decision making on keeping them or cutting them from the plan based on performance.”

Pagna Ky, Director, Digital Acquisition


Split Funnel Insights: By separating upper and lower funnel activity by the customer’s first site visit, Quantcast’s Split Funnel Report gave HomeServe clear visibility into each partners’ prospecting and retargeting effectiveness. The report allowed HomeServe to have full transparency into all of the display advertisements that a customer was exposed to across all partners on the plan. Additionally, they got full transparency into the frequency of prospecting and retargeting. HomeServe used Quantcast’s free split-funnel analysis to test out adding new partners, seeing how they perform, and making decisions on keeping them or cutting them based on performance.


  • 40% lower cost at converting prospectors than next most effective prospecting partner
  • 9x more effective than the lowest prospecting performer
  • 3x fewer retargeting impressions served by Quantcast

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